Since 2006, The Helpful Hands Foundation has been a trusted provider of ForeclosureHelpCoach services – providing assistance to homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure.

State laws vary, generally, a mortgage loan that is 90 days delinquent can be considered in foreclosure.

Your lender may send you a notice indicating that they are starting foreclosure proceedings.  You can take steps to prevent a foreclosure as soon as you realize you are having trouble paying the mortgage.

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Stopping a foreclosure depends a lot on your unique financial and housing situation. The options available are also different depending on where you are in the foreclosure process and the state you live in.  If you are struggling making your mortgage payment now may be the best time to get started since more options are open to you earlier on in the foreclosure process.

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Our ForeclosureHelpCoach will analyze your financial and mortgage details, confirm your mortgage lender note holder information, identify your foreclosure alternatives, create an action plan and work with you on the best way to talk to your lender and service provider.

Through our ForeclosureHelpCoach you will learn more about the government mortgage relief programs, traditional foreclosure alternatives and some of the effective, lesser known ways to stop foreclosure.

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Get Help NOW. If you are interested in having someone make those calls inquire today about our low-cost Administrative Services to help you prevent foreclosure.

*Due to our call volume – please leave your name and best phone number and time to call you – a coach will call you within 24 hours.

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